Friday, May 15, 2015

2014-2015 Photos of the Year

All of the accepted prints for the 2014-2014 year were viewed by our judges Brittany McNutt, Jeannie Park and Heather Briggs. Thank you judges for viewing almost 200 prints to determine the best of the best photos of the year.

Prints of the Year are a clean sweep by our talented photographer Leroy Patterson.

 1st Place, Slot Canyon

 2nd Place, Red Hawk

 3rd Place, Victorian Ladies

 4th Place, Angles

 5th Place, Columns.

Digital Winners

1st Place, Fog, by Leroy Patterson

2nd Place, Lil' Hummer, by Suzanne McDonough

3rd Place, Arch, by Leroy Patterson

4th Place, Athabasca, by Ted Post

5th Place, Pair of Screech Howls, by Ted Post

1st Place,
Slot Canyon by Leroy Patterson
1st Place, Fog
by Leroy Patterson

4th Place,
Athabasca Falls by Ted Post
2nd Place,
Red Hawk by Leroy Patterson
2nd Place,
Lil' Hummers by Suzanne McDonough
3rd Place,
Victorian Ladies by Leroy Patterson

3rd Place,
Arch by Leroy Patterson

5th Place,
Columns by Leroy Patterson
5th Place,
Pair of Screech Owls by Ted Post
4th Place,
Angles by Leroy Patterson

Monday, May 4, 2015

May's BSCC Final Judging

 The monthly meeting of the Berrien Springs Camera Club will be on Wednesday, May 6, at 7 p.m. in the Berrien Springs Public Library at Cass (Old 31) and Union. May is the month for the final competition of the year, when prints and digital submissions that were judged acceptable or honored in competitions during the current season will be reviewed again by three judges, who will select the top five projected images and prints, in the categories of Nature and Open (everything else).
                The club’s season runs from September to June, with four competitions each year. Besides two special topics for each competition, three other categories are always acceptable: Nature, Portraits, and Open. The special topics for this season were as follows: for October: Marinas, and Rocks; for December: Neighborhoods, and Trees; for February: Abandoned Buildings, and Chocolate: and for April: Macro, and National Parks.
                Anyone is welcome to come and enjoy viewing the images, seeing how the club operates, and learning from the judging process. Refreshments will be served. One can also read more about the club and its activities at We'd all like to see you in our view finder at our May meeting.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

April's Competition


Wow, it's almost May, sorry for the delay.  Our April Competition evening was short and sweet, with fewer entries than usual. Must be spring is in the air! Our winners for April were Leroy Patterson, with his print, Arch View, and Ted Post with his digital image, Moraine Lake Banff National Park. Two amazing photos taken from two very talented photographers, congratulations! A big thanks to our judges (l to r) Dave Stuart, Angelina Masterova, Jordon Smart (not pictured, Breanna Bell).
Arch View by Leroy Patterson

It's almost time for our End of the Year Competition, May 6, 2015. Print photographers get your 2014-2015 accepted prints ready for the final judging. Digital photographers do not have to send in their year's digitals, Tom and I already have those saved. Keep us in your view finder in May for the final competition.

Ted Post
Moraine Lake Banff National Park, Ted Post

Leroy Patterson

Monday, March 30, 2015

Comptition Night April 1, 2015, No Fooling!

The Berrien Springs Camera Club will meet on Wednesday, Apr. 1, at 7 p.m. in its usual venue, the Berrien Springs Public Library at Cass (Old 31) and Union.
                This month’s program consists of a competition of prints and digital images submitted by members. The selected topics for the month include: 1) Macro and 2) National Parks. Three additional categories are appropriate for all of our competitions: 1) Nature (nothing domesticated, nothing of a human origin), 2) Portraits, and 3) Open (any other subject).
                The Macro category is for close-up images that fill the frame: maybe a part of a flower, or a very close shot of a bird’s feathers or face, or a telephoto shot of the footprint(s) of a deer, squirrel, or other creature in the sand or snow.  And everyone loves to visit national parks and probably has many images showcasing their beauty.
                Prints, at least 5" x 7" in size, should be mounted, with the title and photographer's name on the back. Instructions for submitting images in digital form are available on the club’s blog on the left hand side.
                All are welcome, either to observe or to join. Anyone who wishes to join may submit photos to the competition, up to 10 projected images and/or 10 prints. Refreshments will be served.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Michiana Annual Artist Competition (MAAC)

The Box Factory for the Arts is sponsoring the Michigan Annual Art Competition. For more information and to enter your photos go to:
This is a perfect venue for local artists to enter their photos. The opening reception is always a great opportunity to visit with the artists and see what other artists are doing in our community.

Monday, February 23, 2015

March 4, 2015 Meeting

Due to unforeseen circumstances, How to Matt Your Photos will not be presented at our March 4, 2015 meeting. Instead, members are encouraged to bring their photographic equipment (camera, lenses, tripods, phone apps, even your laptop) for a show 'n tell, share information, ask questions and find answers. It's an informal meeting designed to encourage chatting with fellow photographers. Come and lets enjoy together in an evening of chat and snacks at our usual time, 7:00 pm.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

February's Competiton Meeting

February's Competition Meeting was excellent. Our best shots came from Leroy Patterson with his black and white print, Columns, taken at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC. And Ted Post with his HD digital photo, Gary Church Stage, taken in Gary, Indiana.

After the final photos were chosen, we had an opportunity to informally look at the digital entries, critique or comment on them to make the evening a fun learning experience. And it was.
Leroy Patterson's Columns
Thanks to Art Robertson for providing the snacks for the evening, and to our judges Nathan Green, Brian Tagalog, and Emmanuel St Cloud for judging tonight at the Berrien Springs Camera Club!
Ted Post's Gary Church Stage
Nathan Green, Brian Tagalog, and Emmanuel St Cloud